Algerian food in a pleasant setting that’s away from the Village crowds.

The Berber-influenced dishes that are rich with spices and subtle chilli are only bettered by the desserts and the on-display home-made cakes and intricate pastries at this colourful and cosy Algerian restaurant. Worth a wander up Acre Lane for something a little different.

it’s rare to find a restaurant focusing solely on Algerian cooking, which is what makes Khamsa so intriguing. Surrounded by pizza joints on a characterless stretch of Acre Lane…. Read More 

Khamsa is determined to bring Algerian and Berber food to the London masses. With food as fresh and tantalisingly spiced as this, both the cuisine and the restaurant deserve to be discovered....Readmore 


I am going to do away with the build-up openings and go straight to the point on this one: Khamsa, a cozy, Algenian restaurant in Brixton, may flat out be the best restaurant in the city. We've been sitting on this not-well-known fact for awhile now, simply because I couldn't bear to put up a write-up until I had some proper pictures that could help convey the scope of deliciousness here… readmore