About Khamsa 



We thought it is the time for the Algerian cuisine to take its place amongst other cuisines , that’s why we worked so hard  and did our best to transport  our guests to discover Algeria  all together with our  Traditional Algerian food .


Lucky It wasn’t hard for us to decide what shall be on our menu , this due to the skills we gained from our mothers who thought us how to cook, but  at Khamsa we add our personal twists to each cakes or dishes we prepare, not to forget love ,passion and simplicity  are the main ingredients we add to everything we produce at our premises .


 We are  unlicensed restaurant but our guests are more than welcome to bring their own bottle of wine , beers or champagne ( BYO) plus £2 corkage per head  , we would like to highlight that we don’t sell any SOFT DRINKS and our guests are not allowed to bring any soft drinks brought from outside or any spirits . as an alternative you can try our healthy home made juices or Algerian homemade lemonade , and we only accept cash .