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No Cup of coffee or tea is complete without a homemade treats

            You are in the  right place  for good Algerian cakes



  Our cakes won the Best vegan Cakes rewards  at "  the Bake off 2013 " that was held at Brixton station road Market and was judged by Miss CupCake. 



We make delicious Algerian cakes just for you. A success made possible by years of experience and carefully selected ingredients bringing exquisite flavour to beautifully and delicately executed sweets.

All kinds of cake to suit your taste: highly sought after for family events, parties, weddings, special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate events, etc., these pastries will delight the palate of your guests or simply those you want to please.


At Khamsa we love natural and fresh ingredients! We are a small artisan producer specialising in delicate Algerian pastries, handcrafted using only natural colours and flavours and not too sweet for a healthy, nutritious treat. We are always experimenting with new recipes, flavours and ideas so keep an eye on our store .


We are passionate about making delicious handmade sweets all baked in small batches in our kitchen restaurant on Acre Lane. We like everything natural: our little cakes contain almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. roasted and toasted to get the perfect flavour, with the addition of traditional rose water, vanilla, lemon, or unusual mint, basil..

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